2021 Roadmap




In meeting experience
Close Meeting Experience
Scheduling Assistant
Agenda Notifications
Upload documents from OneDrive
Agenda Approval Process
Meeting recordings linked with Board Connect

The in app meeting experience is something we’ve been working really hard on for a little while now. Thanks to Microsoft’s latest releases, you can enhance your meeting experience by using the meeting extensibility feature, which enables you to integrate your apps within meetings. We are extending Board Connect to your meeting itself, that’s right, you can now interact with Board Connect while in the meeting. This means, you no longer need to open up another browser, or Microsoft Teams window to read the agenda, open agenda documents, create actions and create / respond to polls. 


The close meeting experience helps organisations to better organise their information by ‘closing’ a meeting once it’s complete, and all necessary actions, attendance tracking etc is complete.

To close a meeting, the meeting organiser, or the admins of the board can close the meeting so no further content or changes can be made, leaving the meeting a locked piece of information preserved in time.   

 Give your board secretary’s a helping hand with the Scheduling Assistant. Designed to help scheduling a convenient time for all involved – the scheduling assistant takes in information of not only basic free/busy information, but also uses Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence to recognise the best possible matches to meet.

Once the meeting organise, or board administrators are ready – the agenda notification quickly sends a notification to the meeting invitees that the agenda for the meeting is ready for consumption.
The notification is sent via both Teams Activity API’s, as well as an email notification.

Currently, Board Connect helps organisations to upload agenda documents and resources to their meeting. Planned for Q4 2021, we will be helping organisations take the next step by uploading their agenda documents directly from OneDrive and other SharePoint locations.

Flexibility for organisations to be able to turn on approval processes for the creation, and review / approval of documents before they are made available to the board.

Recorded meetings will automatically be saved to the Board Connect user interface, and associated to the meeting page.