#1 Board Management Software for Microsoft Teams​


Preparing and reviewing material for board meetings can be extremely time consuming and intensive – for the board secretary, senior leaders and board members themselves.
Now it’s made a whole lot easier with Board Connect for Microsoft Teams

Modernise your board meetings on Microsoft Teams

Board Connect is a Microsoft Teams application that brings documentation and meeting details related to board meetings into one central location, where it’s easier to collaborate.

In most businesses, preparing, reviewing and collaborating on board-related information is extremely time-consuming and ineffective. It’s also done mostly via email or ad-hoc conversations.

As well as wasting time, this process exposes businesses to unnecessary security risks.

That’s where the #1 Board Management software Board Connect comes in – with an easy to use user interface which helps Senior staff work and collaborate more effectively with other board and committee members. 

Built on Microsoft Teams, Board Connect works seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite, which makes it very simple for users to come up to speed – regardless of their level of technical expertise. Natively leverages your existing Microsoft Teams investment to help your people work more efficiently and effectively.

Board Connect is a software your IT team will love for two key reasons: 

1. Delegated Permissions; In simpler terms, delegated permission is the permission granted to the user signed-into Board Connect

2. No third-party data storage required: Your boards information is safe with Board Connect. We leverage the power of your Microsoft 365 eco-system to ensure no personally identifiable or company identifiable information is stored. Learn more

Do things the smart way, with Board Connect for Microsoft Teams

Board Connect streamlines the workload for modern boards

Enhances decision-making

An integral part of any meeting is now made easy with Board Connect. Easily capture your meeting minutes, decisions and actions, which can all easily be turned into a document communicated with the board.

  • Built on Microsoft Teams, which 91% of Fortune 100 companies are already using
  • Simple, logical interface
  • Only very minimal training required
  • Capture minutes during meetings or capture ‘flying minutes’

Trustworthy security

  • No Personally Identifiable (PII) or Company Identifiable (CII) information stored in third-party data storage
  • Delegated permissions to ensure the user has access to undertake an action 

Huge time savings

  • Less collaboration over email
  • No more version control issues or lost documentation
  • Draft your meeting agenda and once ready, approve and publish to your board with ease
  • Clarify minor issues prior to board meetings, so precious face-to-face time can be spent resolving bigger concerns

Familiar, easy to use interface

  • Simplify your board members experience by providing them one platform to both join the call and access all the relevant board information
  • Puts relevant, accurate material at every board member’s fingertips, when and where they need it
  • Improved access to information and effective collaboration enabled by Microsoft Teams can lead to a 17.7% improvement in time-to-decision*

*Forrester, Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams, 2019

Why do our customers use Board Connect?

Central, secure location

  • All board-related materials in one secure location, that your organisation hosts and owns
  • Board members can easily search current or previous meetings and content
  • Cuts the time associated with finding and reviewing huge volumes of content
  • Collate your meeting minutes into a PDF file and easily distribute at the end of your meeting
  • Track meeting attendance over a period of time
  • Close a meeting so that its treated as a record that cannot be changed for auditing purposes

Real-time collaboration

  • Leverage Microsoft Teams and it's feature rich meeting platform to deliver your next board meeting without your board members needing to open other software
  • Ask questions and add annotations in real-time
  • Board Members can make private copies of the board papers and annotate them freely
  • Make updates to key documentation, with automated version control
  • Easily seek input from more experienced board members
  • Capture the meeting minutes in real-time, and save them directly into the meeting

Heightened efficiency

  • Meetings are more productive, as time-consuming details are resolved beforehand
  • Board members can participate remotely, without meeting face-to-face and still be able to interact with agendas, actions and decisions without leaving the application
  • Associate meeting agendas directly to the meeting, ready to go for a smooth-running meeting
  • Familiar teams user interface that your Board Secretary and Board Members know and love

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Client testimonials

The modern board is under enormous pressure, and producing board reports requires extensive collaboration and teamwork. A customised business application like Board Connect, built on Microsoft Teams, can deliver enormous value by streamlining this workload.
Rachel Bondi
Commercial Partner Director, Microsoft Australia
Currently, most of our board-related collaboration is done over email or phone, which can be very time consuming. Reviewing documentation prior to a board meeting is very time-intensive, and finer details are often discussed in the meeting itself—rather than beforehand. To be able to have a central repository of all the board papers would be incredible.
Sharanya Srikanth
Board Member of the Women's Housing Company
Why choose Board Connect over other board software?

Board Connect is one of the only purpose built Board Management software. It helps organizations manage their boards and information all from where you conduct your meetings from, in Microsoft Teams.

With simple and central board paper management controls be confident that your information is stored securely, all within your Microsoft 365 tenancy. 


Who can I speak to if I have a question?

We have a 24/7 Customer Service team with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Eastern Europe. 

What does my subscription include?

The pricing in BoardConnect is very simple. Your subscription is based on the number of boards you add.

Your subscription comes with:

  • Unlimited users and board secretaries
  • Unlimited amount of meetings
  • Access from desktop, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Regular feature releases

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